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Nutritional Supplements

Back to Health Chiropractic offers carefully chosen supplements and vitamins to help support the health care goals of our patients. We provide products for purchase obtained from reputable companies where high quality and potency is the standard.

A partial list of products include:

* Weight Loss: UltraMeal
* Colds & Flu: Vitamin C, Echinchea, Astragalis
* Osteoporosis: Calcium
* Women's Health: Calcium, Progesterone Cream, Vitamin E, Herbals
* Men's Health: Saw Palmetto, Vitamin E
* Immune Support: Echinachea, Astragalis, Vitamin C

New Products:

From Metagenics:
WELLNESS ESSENTIALS, JOINT FOCUS: A powerful combination of specialized nutritional formulas to provide foundation support for optimal joint health.
FEM PRENATAL: the highest quality multivitamin and mineral supplement designed to provide essential maternal nutritional support for healthy fetal growth and development.
ULTRAMEAL RICE BAR: A medical food to provide nutritional support in a convenient bar form.
ISO D3: designed to support optimal metabolism of Vitamin D to it's active form in order to promote the many functions of Vitamin D in the human body.
IMMUNE CORE: Nutritional support to help maintain an optimally functioning immune system, important during cold and flu season.
From Vitanica:
SLEEPBLEND: A vitamin and herb blend to enhance the quality of sleep.
YEAST ARREST: suppositories for controlling overgrowth of vaginal yeast. Works well in conjunction with Metagenics Ultra Flor Plus capsules to reestablish a healthy internal environment.


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