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Do You Have Back Pain?

Back Pain Specialist Worcester

Are you suffering from back pain in Worcester? It can be anywhere in your upper, middle, or lower back, and the reality is that at some point in your life just about everyone suffers from some form of back pain. According to documented estimates, approximately 32 million Americans at any given time have back pain and about 80% of the U.S. population will endure some type of back pain in their lifetime. With all these kinds of statistics, it is not really strange that back pain has evolved into being the United States’ #1 reason for disability. These kinds of facts and figures should induce worries about what tends to cause low back pain, how to protect it, and once it has formed – what would be the finest course of treatment. Our Worcester chiropractor’s objective is to provide this information to direct you in an accurate way so that these questions and more can be answered.

Back Pain in Worcester

So – why does back pain happen? There are many reasons such as injuries, misalignments, and a variety of conditions that can cause back pain. The human spine has a complex structure and is responsible to absorb any kind of stress along with movement. Tendons, ligaments, discs, muscles, and bones which are components of this system, can become agitated or harmed leading to pain. Sometimes serious trauma can lead to back pain, such as during a vehicle accident. Alternatively, slight repeated movements over time can also cause serious pain. You therefore may not be able to recall any specific event that induced the initiation of your pain.

In addition to each of these possible scenarios, physical trauma is not always the main cause. Symptoms of low back pain have also been shown in those who suffer from conditions such as urinary tract infections, obesity, kidney stones, and arthritis. With all these possible outcomes, to determine an appropriate treatment, it is crucial to identify a physician who takes all areas of health into consideration. Our physicians at Back to Health Chiropractic in Worcester have many decades of qualifications and experience to find the appropriate diagnosis and guide you towards the most suitable plan for optimal care. Even the slightest factors can grow into serious lifelong circumstances without the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.

There seems to be a wide range of causes of back pain, as previously mentioned. A few of them are more dominant than others. Among the most popular causes of low back pain seen and handled at Back to Health Chiropractic are below.

Disc Bulges or Herniations:

A disc bulge, or herniation, is among the most infamous and distressing causes of back pain in Worcester. It is essential to note that not all disc bulges or hernias lead to pain. Through MRI studies of thousands of patients, it has been determined that approximately 37 percent of the American population has a disc bulge or herniation with most experiencing no pain or even having other symptoms associated with it. Sadly, for those who do have pain they often describe it as serious and intense. The sort of pain experienced depends on the location and the type of herniation.

If a nearby nerve is irritated by the injured disc, shooting pain and weakness may initiate in the legs and the associated pain is often piercing and sudden. To simplify things, think of the disc as a jelly doughnut. If over a period of time – most generally from excessive wear, the outer edges of the doughnut (disc) are harmed, the jelly can in the middle of the disc sometimes escapes triggering a negative impact on the surrounding disc structure. It’s very hard to reverse once the whole process has started however, it’s been shown that chiropractic treatment prevents the progression of herniation and gives comfort from the associated pain.


Subluxations are among the most common contributos to back pain that is most often neglected. Subluxation is a clinical term used to essentially define out-of-place vertebrae. Normal motion is interrupted when subluxations take place, and a series of events can happen (such as pain). Subluxations can take place anywhere in the spine and they can be caused by almost an infinite number of factors. Physical trauma, stress and toxins are the main cause of subluxation. Much like anxiety can cause the formation of an ulcer in the stomach, physiological alteration in the body can also occur, resulting in the vertebrae getting out of place in our back. The amount of time necessary to correct subluxations differs from person to person, but our chiropractors at Back to Health Chiropractic are one of the very few qualified offices in the area with the expertise to correct this issue.

Muscular Sprains and Tendon or Ligament Strains:

Strains and sprains can happen with anyone but they usually start in when activities are undertaken where the muscles aren’t used to being strained to the extent they are being asked to. For instance, if someone tries to run a marathon on their first run of the season then some muscles might end up being overworked, causing serious damage. Generally, ligament sprains are induced by expanding the ligament past its physical boundaries, producing tears. Muscular strains are usually caused by either twisting or lifting something that is too heavy. Ligaments and muscle strains and sprains in the back can be very traumatic and often are preceded by swelling in the surrounding region. Strains and sprains are deeply linked with the spine and thus react well to chiropractic care in general. Our Back to Health Chiropractic Doctors are properly trained to effectively care for these injury issues,.

Stress and Back Pain

There is a very different physiological profile for individuals who are chronically under pressure than to those who aren’t. In an attempt to compensate, the body generates different reactions when our bodies are under constant stress. Some of the responses include rapid heart rate, higher blood pressure, a changed immune system, reduced bone strength, and reduced muscle mass. Increased and prolonged periods of stress levels have been shown to support heart disease, digestive problems, anxiety, overeating, and back pain if this reaction is sustained. Trigger points from the contraction of muscle tissue cause by the stress hormones happens for people who are under regular stress. Treating these tremendously painful trigger points is one of the many areas the doctors at Back to Health Chiropractic excel at.

Can Chiropractic Help my Back Pain?

The care of back pain becomes less complex when medical practitioners, such as chiropractors, handle the reason for back pain instead of the symptoms for the back pain. Prevalent in all of the previously mentioned causes of chronic pain is the misalignment of vertebrae. Fortunately, our health professionals at Back to Health Chiropractic are highly trained in fixing this issue. That is why numerous reports have also shown that chiropractic treatment is the most efficient treatment option for the different reasons for back pain. Taking a conservative, non-invasive and effective process to recovery from back pain is encouraged, as it is with any other condition. If you are undergoing back pain or have any additional queries, please contact our Worcester chiropractic office to schedule a session.

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