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Carpal Tunnel Pain?

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Are you aware that just as the joints in your spine pinch the nerves in your back when they are misaligned, the bones in one’s wrist can also put pressure on theneighboring nerves that give rise to the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome? Most approach solving this issue via surgery however Back to Health Chiropractors have had great success in treating this by realigning the bones of the wrist without the need for surgery. Every day more and more people are finally starting to choose a more cautious approach to patient care via chiropractic care, and this is practical considering surgeries can run approximately $6,000 – $11,000 with a less than 60 percent success rate. Because of this, our Doctors at Back to Health Chiropractic are providing the information on this page regarding carpal tunnel and potential non-invasive treatment options.

Carpal Tunnel Worcester

Many individuals visit our treatment center with wrist pain complaints and questions about precisely what carpal tunnel syndrome is. Usually, patients start to feel a sensation of burning, pain, tingling, or swelling from the first to a fourth fingers as the median nerve is compacted due tomisalignments in the bones of the wrist. For patients, it is not unusual for them to experienceweakness in the injured hand or that it is more difficult than usual to pick up small objects. Also when the median nerve has become compressed, individuals feelthe sensation of swelling in one’s hand, even if there is no visible swelling.

Patients often want to know the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome in addition to what symptoms to look for. The short answer is that the causes of carpal tunnel syndrome are usually not obvious. Some patients remember specific events followed by wrist pain. It has also been recognized that some occupations influence the development of the situation with jobs involving the lengthy use of vibrating methods or the repeated use of gripping something or repetitive use of the hands. Even thyroid and pituitary glandrelated metabolicaldisorder can also relate to its evolvement.

Carpal tunnel syndrome usually starts in the dominant hand of a person, but depending on the situation, diagnoses are not uncommon in both wrists. Regrettably, numerous traditional medical professionals only concentrate on the area of pain. In reality, people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome for both arms were shown to usually have nerve discomfort stemming from the spine. Thus the probably reason whynearly 40 percent of the time, carpal tunnel surgeries are ineffective. While the carpal tunnel in the dominant hand is more prevalent, because of the width of the tunnel itself, it is also almost 3 times more likely to happen inwomen than men.

What are the Best Treatments Available?

The most suitable treatment for your carpal tunnel syndrome depends to a large extent on the primary cause. It is recommended that patients start with a non-invasive and more inexpensive therapy to begin, as is the case with most situations. Without exploring whether the spine is the root cause other remedies such as physical therapy, medications or surgeries will often either work temporarily or not at all. Your Doctor will conduct an assessment of your condition at Back to Health Chiropractic and formulate an individualized care program that works for you. Many patients report significant improvements after they undertake aspinal alignment rectification plan. At Back to Health Chiropractic in Worcester, we recognize that it can be complex to understand about treating carpal tunnel syndrome. If you would like more carpal tunnel details or to schedule a meeting, please contact our clinic today.

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