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Chiropractic for Kids

Pediatric Chiropractor Worcester

Have you ever considered any kind of chiropractic treatment for your kid’s well-being in Worcester? Here at Back to Health Chiropractic we strongly believe in a highly efficient nervous system for all, in children as much as in adults. It is very well recognized that kids recover fast from various issues however that is mostly based on how they feel vs. potential underlying physical and structural issues. In the case of back, joint or muscle pain, children may not always communicate clearly what they physically feel and if an issue is left unchecked there is the possibility things could worsen over time.

Children’s bodies as they grow are under stress. If you think about birth for a moment, babies are generally curled up in the womb all the while they are growing and then they will be pulled out of that position when they are born. All of those traumatic experiences can potentially impact the spine, which can result in nervous system problems. This is an vital issue since the nervous system controls bodily functions such as our hearts beating, the body’s ability to fight sickness, breathing, speaking, thinking and all body movements etc.

Pediatric Chiropractic Worcester

Chiropractic treatment can be beneficial for your child’s overall development. After birth, as kids continue to grow into toddlers the bodily stress continues. The next challenge their bodies face are learning to crawl and then walk and during this time there is constant falling, twisting and bending involved. Once children can walk, they progress to running, jumping and climbing placing additional stresses on the body as kids tend to push the limits of what they can physically accomplish. Kids in the preschool-middle primary age usually play hard and attempt to play without boundaries.

They almost always begin to develop poor posture, play competitive sports, carry backpacks that are sometimes very heavy (most likely incorrectly), and cope with the stress of more daily responsibilities as toddlers grow into school-aged children. Then once they are in their teens they sometimes start working and most of the available jobs involve physical labor, such as food servers, construction or outdoor workers, etc.

We at Back to Health Chiropractic have goals to make sure that any fall, stress, trauma, or any physical demand that you child endures won’t stop them from being kids. We treat children of all ages and we understand that you want to take care of your child from any kind of pain as much as possible. Please let us assist you! Defending your body from harm is a core chiropractic principle. Our tests are comprehensive, so even if your child is too young to converse, or too timid, before continuing with any type of treatment, we will ensure we actually know what’s going on. And you will be involved in every step of the process.

Infantile Colic

According to WebMD, colic is described as “when an infant who isn’t sick or hungry cries for more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week, for more than 3 weeks. The condition is a bit of a mystery, but experts agree on a few things: Colic is likely to start around 2 weeks of age if your infant is full-term, or later if they were born prematurely.” As a parent, is that an appropriate answer from medical physicians who are assumed to be baby specialists?

When a baby feels discomfort or pain and since they cannot speak, the only way to tell you is through crying. It has also been discovered that if they have pain, they will pull their arms and legs in and sometimes turn red. Since little kids cannot sometimes inform us if their discomfort has been removed by adjustments, we depend on their responses and reactions. After an adjustment, many times our baby patients fall right asleep. Parents have also reported to us that often they sleep better that night than they usual do.

For a no-obligation discussion and consultation, call our Worcester chiropractic team for optimized growth of your child.

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