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Have You Injured a Disc?

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In Worcesterhave you ever been told that you have a slipped disc or a disc injury? They can range from mild to extreme, but most necessitate a qualified chiropractor’s focus. Our chiropractic team can analyze your situation and help you improve with a recommended treatment plan.

The intervertebral discs are named for the small pads that lie betweeneachvertebrae and they all have a hard protective outer layer with a soft gel-like layer that is in the center of the disc. Your discs prevent the vertebrae from directly connecting while also keeping themattached. They act as cushions during movement so the vertebrae do not come in contact directly with each other. If we did not have discs we would be unable to move from the waist up.

Disc Injury Worcester

If the inner gel is pushed out from the center or bulging, making it asymmetrical in various locations,then this is called a protruding disc. When this happens, rubbing and discomfort of the nerve roots may occur.

When the disc material leaks out and the gel pushes outward, a herniated disc has occured. This can also trigger pain and swelling due to nerve problems and, in certain cases, can be very severe.

The worst type of disc damage is a disc extrusion. What it implies is that the gel is forced to drift away from the disc heavily into the region outside the vertebrae. This usually leads to significant back pain and limited movement range.If you arehaving disc issuesplease do not hesitate in calling our team at Back to Health Chiropractic now. We are here to assist.

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