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Suffering From Sciatica?

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Physicians say that sciatica is one of the most basic conditions they experience treating in Worcester every year. Although there are significant groups of people who have this problem, a long-term remedy is often never achieved. If a proper treatment plan is not in place, usually sciatic pain continues. This section from Back to Health Chiropractic will help you to learn more about sciatica and what you can do to head down the path of recovery.

Are you one of many who wonder what it feels like to have sciatica? The discomfort of sciatica is often described by patients as a mild discomfort to a most severe agonizing pain. In various areas of the foot and leg, sciatic pain can appear, and the pain will sometimes emerge and then simply go away. As time goes on for those that do not have a treatment plan, the intervals and severity of pain typically increase.

Sciatica in Worcester

In general, the pelvic and lumbar spine are the places from which a sciatic problem will begin and this location of the spine is quite complex which means the specific issue can be hard to track down. Our team will be able to work with you initially to identify the source of the problem. Then, they will begin to align the spine and discs properly to begin the correction process.

Many patients that suffer describe their experience as simple everyday tasks that caused incredible pain, such as bending down to pick something up off of the floor. This seems irrational but the reality is that the pain event was most likely the culmination of an issue that was built up over time which is a common theme for most spinal problems.

How Long Does it Take to Correct Sciatica?

Treatment plans for sciatica can considerably vary from patient to patient. Many patients react positively right away, whereas others take longer to recover. This really depends on the severity of the problems with the discs or the bones that must be corrected by the chiropractor. In most cases, the longer the problems continue, the longer it takes to rectify the situation. On the flip side, solving sciatica problems usually takes less time to fix than it took to generate it.

The number of people ending up with back surgery is astonishing in the US, and the success rates of these surgeries is extremely low. It is estimated that within a five-year span after having surgery there is only about a 15 percent success rate which really is disappointing. Call our team at Back to Health Chiropractic in Worcester if you are serious about trying to turn this issue around without surgery. We are here to respond to any of your questions and hope to meet you soon.

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