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Have you suffered a Sports Injury in Worcester? You might have heard the names Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Aaron Rodgers, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, and Kareem Abdul-Jubbar before? These are numerous elite athletes who attribute an outsized amount of their success to the chiropractic care they received throughout their careers.

Besides the success experienced by these world-class athletes, you’ll have noticed chiropractors along the sidelines of NFL football games and therefore the most up-to-date Olympic events. Both of those organizations have recognized how chiropractic is to their team’s success and integrated chiropractic doctors in their healthcare team.

Not only can chiropractic help world famous athletes shine, but it has also been proven to provide short and long-term benefits for entry-level, high school, and college participants. Back to Health Therapy Center has been providing care to local amateur and professional sports teams for years and this text will inform you ways you will benefit.


Basically, athletes regularly and always put their bodies through a particularly higher degree of physical stress. These stressors are different from what we experience during everyday life activities, such as during school or work. Sports participation often involves quick starts and stops, explosive jumping or running, collisions, and irregular body postures that put added demands on the body’s body. As a result, whether you’re a footballer, wrestler, golfer, or runner, chiropractic care can provide the help your body needs in order to be ready to adapt to those added stresses. Often, these unusual stresses cause the bones in our trunk to return out of place. The consequences of these changes create a cascade that always leads to loss of movement, flexibility, and speed while increasing the probabilities of developing headaches or predisposing the body to future athletic-related injuries. As an example, many long-distance runners are shown to develop chronic cases of tendonitis and pain throughout the joints in their legs. Normally, they have prescribed a painkiller to mask the symptoms of pain, providing short-term relief. If painkillers were the important way to solve the issue, why would they need to be continually taken?

The truth is that a lot of sports-related accidents begin thanks to nerve interference caused by misalignment in our joints, primarily the spine. Our chiropractors at Back to Health in Worcester are especially trained at removing this kind of interference. When this nerve interference is eliminated, the body experiences a rise in blood circulation, higher system function, proper motor pattern shooting, and overall better health. As a result, athletes receiving care at our clinic have noticed increased flexibility, speed, agility, and power during sports participation. These types of results are observed at chiropractic clinics all across the country. In reality, a recent study published within the Journal of Chiropractic Research and Investigation revealed that as much as 32 percent of athletes receiving chiropractic care experienced these outcomes and a good higher percent showed a decrease within the number of injuries sustained during sports participation.


Just as someone might take certain supplements or have a particular diet in order to prevent sickness, athletes of all kinds shouldn’t wait to seek help from a chiropractor until after an accident has occurred. While chiropractic has been proven to be a superb source for injury rehabilitation and recovery, it is a good better source for preventing the damage from occurring. Chiropractors see the body as a whole, taking into consideration all aspects of health. Our staff at Back to Health in Worcester, has the resources to supply adjustive procedures, physiotherapy, and soft tissue massage to take care of the nervous, skeletal, muscular, and ligamentous systems. Through this approach, the body is allowed to function at its optimal level, keeping you off the seat sidelined with injuries during the season. If you’re an athlete within the Worcester area, contact Back to Health today, to schedule your individualized consultation.  Get your healthy sports life back today!

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