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Suffering From Vertigo?

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Are you suffering from vertigo or some form of dizziness in Worcester? Our physicians at Back to Health Chiropractic often have patients who have visited this issue. Most of these patients have already experienced other healthcare professionals for relief but have found little.  Surprisingly, most of these patients state that little information is given to them about what might be causing their dizziness (vertigo) in addition to an possible effective treatments. Our Doctors here at Back to Health Chiropractic will use this article to help you to begin to understand more about Vertigo.

Two distinct circumstances are actually referred to by many individuals who express feeling dizzy. People occasionally say that they feel dizzy when they literally mean they experience this feeling as if they are about to pass out/faint, and others interpret dizziness when they are experiencing objects that are spinning and moving in front them when they should be still. Vertigo is a clinical term used for the second condition just described. Differentiating between these two sensory experiences is essential because each has different causes and recommended therapies. Back to Health Chiropractic Doctor can help to tell the distinction between these circumstances very effectively.

Vertigo in Worcester

Our physicians at Back to Health Chiropractic have had patients with a variety of distinct causes of vertigo, with some being more prevalent than others. A description of these are as follows:

– Serious headaches or migraines often produce the stimuli of dizziness and nausea.
– When the inside of the ear is damaged somehow or with an ear aches.
– When blood supply to the brain is impaired
– Vehicle accidents where the spinal cord is damaged and associated harm to the muscles and ligaments happens
– When the neck vertebrae are subluxed or out of alignment.

This list of the most common reasons for vertigo mentioned above may seem like they are not connected, but they have one significant characteristic in mind: they all play a role in how the body balances and orientates itself. Similar to when a healthy body becomes abnormal and reacts to counteract what is taking place, the same thing happens when our body is physically disoriented or out of balance. The disparity that results in vertigo is usually due to a regression of the amount of signals connecting the brain and the nervous system. These incomplete signals cause the symptoms of dizziness and prevent us from being completely stable. The Doctors at Back to Health Chiropractic offer an exclusive method of treatment that focuses on stabilizing the nervous system to help prevent vertigo.

The Symptoms of Vertigo

As mentioned, there are multiple causes of vertigo and there are also additional symptoms besides only dizziness. Sometimes symptoms are a mild annoyance but other times they mean there could be a more serious underlying condition. Please contact us at Back to Health Chiropractic right away to set up an appointment if you experience any of these symptoms:

Blurriness or trouble with focusing your vision
If it difficult to hear, particularly in only in one ear
If your ears are ringing
If it is difficult staying balanced
If you have trouble concentrating
If you feel exhausted or sleepy all the time
Nausea that seemingly happens for no logical reason
If you have the feeling of sea-sickness
If you speach slurs
If you experience double vision

At Back to Health Chiropractic, our patients have encountered amazing outcomes after receiving our treatments. We will create a focused therapy plan based on a thorough examination and an extensive discussion about your history.

If you or somebody you know is suffering vertigo or dizziness, contact Back to Health now to schedule a session.

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